Polo In India

Polo In India × The origin of ancient polo is debatable, with several countries including Persia and China, laying claim to this aristocratic game of prowess and skilled horsemanship. Known by several local names in different countries – Chaughan (Persian), Da-Kyu (Japanese), Khis-Kouhou (Russian), Djerid (Turkish), and Sagol Kangjei (Indian). However, the origin of the… Continue reading Polo In India

Jaipur Polo

Jaipur Polo × Modern day polo credits India as the birthplace for the sport as it was in Manipur, India, that the sport was introduced to the Western civilization in the 19th century. Today, Indian polo has evolved much since the times of Babar, the founder of the Mughal royalty, in the 15th century, who… Continue reading Jaipur Polo