Polo Antiquity

No one knows where or when stick first met ball. However there is documented proof that Polo is the most ancient organised sport in the world. There is a famous verse: Let other people play at other things, the King of Game is still the Game of Kings, written next to a polo field on the way to the Silk Route of China.

Polo as it was played before in ancient times is still played the same way at Manipur in India and Gilgit in Pakistan, this is mentioned by the great poet ‘Firdausi’ from Persia that it was played in the 9th century as well. It was the favourite sport of Emperors, Shahs, Sultans, Khans and Caliphs of the ancient Persians, Arabs, Mughals and the Chinese.

It was not till the British who came to India and saw the game being played in North East, and instantly fell in love with the sport. They amended the format a bit and made some changes in the rules and regulations, took the sport back to England, from where it spread all over the world. As of now there are about 50 countries that play Polo across the world. Polo also was played as an Olympic sport in Berlin (1937). The Calcutta Polo club is the oldest registered Polo club in the world (1862).

The Jaipur Polo Club has gone through a face lift after the pandemic. Apart from sorting out the shortage of water to an extent, the Polo Club has a workable water harvesting setup or rather we have created a water harvesting (RO). The club owners are not only polo players but a horse loving family. The club is opening its doors to Polo enthusiasts, interested in learning, playing and also would like to have a feel of the rich heritage of Rajasthan and Jaipur in particular. The club caters to all the categories of Polo players including Patrons who would like to run their own teams. The different segment are as mentioned below:

1. The first thing all beginners want to do is to sit on a horse and ‘Smack’the ball but they do need to get a few hours or days under the guidance of an instructor.
2. Apart from the daily lessons they will also get a chance to meet some of the Indian Polo players and visiting foreign professionals.
3. They will be coached on all aspects of the game.
4. The package includes the following:
a) All meals, Board+ Lodging at the Polo Club.
b) Airport transfers
c) Sightseeing can be arranged on request at an extra charge.
d) The Package also includes:
(i) Morning riding 40 minutes
(ii) Stick + Ball evening on 2 horse.
(iii) Play 2 Chukkar’s in evening in lieu of stick + ball
(For 4 Chukkar- Additional Cost)

Polo Holidays

Sponsorship & Patrons

1. The Jaipur Polo Club can also arrange for Patrons to come and play Club tournaments, and also the Indian Polo association matches. For this the details will be worked out as per the requirement.

2. In case the sponsors wants to run his own team in his colours that can also be arranged as per the requirement of the client. The Polo Club can organise and cater for casual visitors or for the guests and Polo enthusiasts also.

1. Low Goal Tournament charge INR 3,00,000 (This is for the ground).

2. Medium and High Goal Tournament can also be organized, the charges will vary as per the Handicaps of players

3. High Tea arrangements can be done, Charges to be decided as per the requirements of client.


Polo Clinic

Launched in the 90s these clinics have attracted both fresh and experienced players worldwide. They are all-inclusive programs with stay and meals, with time to explore local culture and cuisine. Polo clinics are structured and progressive classes. The daily schedule includes stable activities and chukkars. Stick and ball, chukkers, stable tours, horse management, working, grooming and feeding the horses are part of the daily schedule.

Polo ponies

Visiting players at mid-level and above can rent Polo ponies from JPC. Its stables are home to some of the best in the world. JPC's polo ponies are trained by trainers from Argentina at regular intervals through the year.